DF-2(+), modular air insulated switchgear

The DF-2 system is a modular concept based on the “building blocks” principle, which means that cubicles are produced in series. As a result, the modular DF-2 concept meets the highest technical standards in a rational, economically sound way. The combination of cubicles is unlimited. Very complex diagrams of distribution and transformer switchgear can be compiled through this extensive spectrum of possibilities.

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Medium voltage switchgear, built to withstand severe conditions

Built to withstand severe conditions (new)

Our Arc-Killers extinguish an arc in 48 milleseconds

SGC nv SwitchGear Company’s patented SV-25 and SV-50 Arc-Killers takes safety to a new level. Not just the operator and the environment are shielded from harm, but the super-swift arc extinguishing system allows cubicles to be back in operation very quickly in case of an internal fault.

Our DF-2 line-up