Visiting SNE in Chad

9 May 2019/by Beheerder

Company visit VTI Torhout

25 April 2019/by

SGC @ Hannover Messe 2019

26 March 2019/by

Happy Holidays – SGC

20 December 2018/by

Company Visit Vives Campus Brugge

13 November 2018/by Beheerder

Company Visit VTI Deinze – afternoon

7 November 2018/by

Company Visit VTI Deinze – morning

7 November 2018/by

Future Energy East Africa – conference & expo

31 August 2018/by

Temca Forum & Exhibition – 17 & 18 august – Pattaya Thailand

20 August 2018/by

Visit Electrowerke & Electro Oriente from Peru

8 August 2018/by Beheerder

Project MERYGRID Esneux

27 June 2018/by

Company Visit VTI Menen

7 May 2018/by

SGC @ the African Utility Week – Cape Town

3 May 2018/by

Company visit Institute Emmaüs Aalter

30 March 2018/by

SGC visits LM Distribucion Eléctrica in Mexico

22 January 2018/by

Company Visit Sint-Jozefinstuut Geel

22 January 2018/by

Company Visit – Don Bosco St-Denijs-Westrem

12 January 2018/by

Corporate visit of KU Leuven

14 December 2017/by

Company visit VTI Poperinge

27 November 2017/by Beheerder

Company visit of the free technical institute (VTI) of Deinze.

23 November 2017/by

Job interview Don Bosco Sint-Denijs-Westrem

23 November 2017/by

Company visit High School Vives Kortrijk

17 November 2017/by

Human Interface Mate (HIM) – Industry 4.0

20 October 2017/by Beheerder

Hearing at the Flemish parliament

18 October 2017/by

Company visit KA Zelzate

17 October 2017/by

Visit of the new hub of DHL in Diegem

29 September 2017/by

SGC products at the 33th Perumin Mining Convention in Peru

19 September 2017/by


8 September 2017/by Beheerder

Recording by Channel Z for the TV program “Alle zaken op een rijtje” (A look behind the curtain of the life of Belgian companies)

28 August 2017/by


21 August 2017/by

Presentation WHITE PAPER @ TEMCA* Forum & Exhibition – 18-19 August 2017.

18 August 2017/by
gemeenteschool Nevele

Company visit of the Community school of Nevele

26 June 2017/by Beheerder

SGC at Cired in Glasgow

14 June 2017/by Beheerder

Transparency at High Voltage

9 June 2017/by

Company visit of the Erasmusatheneum from OLV Ter Duinen from Zeebrugge

2 June 2017/by

Company visit of the Erasmusatheneum from Deinze

8 May 2017/by
Hannover Fair

SGC at the Hannover Fair

3 May 2017/by GP

SGC at the Hannover Fair

24 April 2017/by

VTI Veurne “tastes” medium voltage

24 March 2017/by

Company visit of the free technical institute (VTI) of Tielt.

28 February 2017/by

More “operational excellence” due to a gravity roller conveyor.

13 February 2017/by

Winners balloon competition – Open Company Day 2016

On the occasion of the Open Company Day organized by Voka on…
28 November 2016/by

Seminar Multiprox : RFID Inspiration Session (Radio Frequence IDentification)

Advantages and applications of RFID as part of Industry 4.0

14 November 2016/by

SGC – SwitchGear Company at the EP China 2016 exhibition

SGC – SwitchGear Company at the EP China 2016 exhibition
4 November 2016/by

SGC-SwitchGear Company, Deba and Mevoco in Nevele take part in Open Company Day 2016.

An inside look into the future of electricity
Energy in general…
16 August 2016/by Beheerder

SwitchGear Company of Nevele wins “Most Promising Maker” award

SwitchGear Company of Nevele is a future-oriented and innovative…
30 June 2016/by Beheerder

DR-6+ / DT-6+ with our patented Arc-Killer SV-50 for optimal operator safety

Discover our Ring Main Units DR-6+ and DT-6 with our patented…
21 June 2016/by Beheerder

UNIZO16 Belgian Maker Award

Craftmanship and the use of durable materials makes it possible…
25 May 2016/by Beheerder

SGC is at the Hannover Fair

This week SGC is at the Hannover Fair. Our team is ready to welcome…
26 April 2016/by Beheerder

SGC again present at the Hannover Messe

As in the previous years, SGC-SwitchGear Company will again be…
17 March 2016/by

SGC strives for high precision welding

SGC - SwitchGear Company disposes of two welding robots, each…
14 March 2016/by

The manometer of SGC ensures user-friendly and fast fault detection

Since we operate in a sector where safety is of exceptional importance,…
8 March 2016/by

SGC is reinforced for the next three years with the ISO quality management system

SGC – SwitchGear Company could close the year 2015 on a positive…
11 January 2016/by

We wish you a successful 2016!

The whole team of SGC - SwitchGear Company wishes you a successful…
8 January 2016/by Beheerder

Student Bert Deseine: “Medium voltage is fascinating”

Since a few months we see regularly a Master student, Bert Deseine,…
30 November 2015/by

Curious? Ready for a visit?

What did our speaker explained this morning to all this careful…
24 November 2015/by

“Passion for medium voltage is an evidence”

Willing to discover our medium voltage museum, unique in Belgium?…
19 November 2015/by

VTI Deinze “tastes” medium voltage

Enthusiastic students of VTI Deinze came this morning to visit…
13 November 2015/by

X-Ray inspection shifts a gear higher at SGC

Download here the case study: X-Ray inspection shifts a gear…
23 June 2015/by Beheerder

SGC op Hannover Messe 2015

Ook SGC - SwitchGear Company is opnieuw van de parij voor de…
13 April 2015/by Beheerder

5 jaar SGC

Dit jaar viert SGC haar vijfde verjaardag. En we zijn nog maar…
12 November 2014/by Beheerder

SGC investeert in een X-ray machine van Nikon

SGC investeert in een Nikon X-ray toestel om componenten nog…
25 September 2014/by Beheerder

SGC werkt aan een nieuw product voor u!

Spiegeltje, spiegeltje aan de wand, wat maakt SGC - SwitchGear…
23 May 2014/by Beheerder

SGC bouwt aan de toekomst

Bekijk de vooruitgang van onze nieuwe productiehal.
7 March 2014/by Beheerder