Durability + security = green results

environmentalAt SGC – SwitchGear Company, we believe in durability: we are manufacturing medium voltage cubicles which are designed to continue to perform. An important consequence of our long term philosophy is that our products are naturally “green”. Our medium voltage cubicles stay longer and work more efficiently, which immediately contribute to the environment.

At SGC, we do not believe in momentary “green rules”, we are simply manufacturing products that do not waste precious resources. By using only the best materials, and minimizing the parts, we are manufacturing medium voltage cubicles which possess a superlative lifetime in comparison with other medium voltage solutions. On this way we are minimizing ou environmental footprint.

The second layer of our philosophy, security, again offers a clear environmental advantage. By designing our medium voltage cubicles as safely as possible, we are keeping the environmental impact extremely low. Since our DF-2+ / DF-3+ cubicles are designed to avoid explosions or fire, there can be no release of harmful gases or toxic fumes. Our DF-2+ / DF-3+ range even reduces the number of components to be replaced in the unlikely event of an internal arc. Indeed, the medium voltage cubicles can even be reused again because all critical components are functioning normally. And finally, because the DF-2+ / DF-3+ ranges less enforces restrictions on the installation space, buildings do not need useless adjustments.

At the end of their lifetime, we are able to recycle and reused the cubicle components, and provide for the entire dismantling in order to ensure an environmentally friendly manner.


For SGC – SwitchGear Company, durability is not a special option, or a nice icing on the cake. It’s ingrained in our medium voltage cubicles by simply build the best, the safest and the more robust solution. And which also happens to be a green solution.

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