BuiltToLast_QlabelIn the 80’s under the wings of Deba, which is still active as Belgium’s largest installer of medium voltage installations, SGC has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of medium voltage. As a result, three decades of medium voltage expertise is reflected in every product we manufacture. It makes our cubicles really unequalled.

The basis of our medium voltage philosophy is twofold: create extremely safe conditions for the operators and a superlative lifetime of the product. The medium voltage cubicles of SGC are safe, and remain in function. Safety first. SGC – SwitchGear Company always put the safety of the operator in first place, by incorporating multiple layers of security. The mechanical drives are easy to handle and the visual feedback is available through a synoptic diagram on the medium voltage cubicle itself. It is impossible to by-pass the mechanical drive. Moreover, each compartment of the switchgear is enclosed to prevent the spread of the internal arc. The medium voltage cubicles of SGC are certified LSC2A with open doors. Finally the use of the optional SV-25 & SV-50 arc killers put new safety standards, sharper than the most stringent safety standards.

The products of SGC- SwitchGear Company are manufactured to remain functional. We are proud of the superior longevity of our medium voltage products. Our exceptional products combine high quality components, such as galvanized plates and qualitative earthing switches, with “sealed-for-life” load break switches that preventing leaks even at temperatures above 105°C. In combination with performing driving mechanism (mainly stainless steel, self lubricating bearings, etc.) a correct use of copper, our medium voltage cubicles are really manufactured to remain functional.

At SGC – SwitchGear Company, we can honestly say that our medium voltage products are truly unrivalled in the market when it comes to safety; we go beyond the existing standards and regular product lifetime.

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