Secondary distribution

Switchgear Company is a switchgear supplier and provides a complete range of reliable medium voltage switchgear solutions for secondary electrical distribution, up to 1250 A/36 kV.

We are specialists in primary and secondary electrical distribution systems.Depending on your needs it’s possible to choose between air-insulated switchgear or gas-insulated insulated switchgear by SGC for your secondary substation. Each has its own advantages.

MV for secondary distribution

The installation of medium voltage cubicles in secondary substations that are responsible for the supply of electrical energy to residential areas, hotels, sport venues, and many more. Medium voltage switchboards are responsible for reliable secondary current distribution.

The medium voltage switchboards fulfill four essential functions:

  1. Power Supply: the utility provider’s feeder is branched off to allow feeding
  2. Protection: the installation is protected with a load break switch with HRC fuses or by circuit breaker with a safety relay
  3. Measurement: the energy consumption is measured on high-voltage or low-voltage side
  4. Transformation: medium voltage is transformed into low-voltage (690 V- 400 V – 231 V)

Discover our switchgear for secondary electrical distribution


Ons meest populaire product: de "DF-2", een hoogwaardige metaal omsloten AIS-schakeloplossing.
12 - 17,5 - 24 kV

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Ons meest compacte AIS-product: de "DF-3", een hoogwaardige metaal omsloten schakeloplossing.
12 - 17,5 - 24 kV

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Ontdek AF-6+. Een compact onderstation voor buitengebruik dat voldoet aan de hoogste technische kwaliteitsnormen.
12 - 17,5 kV

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De veilige en duurzame modulaire GIS DI-2 voldoet aan de hoogste technische kwaliteitsnormen, op een economisch verantwoorde manier. 36 kV

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GIS - Gas-Insulated Switchgear | Medium Voltage | SGC


De DR-6/DT-6-serie biedt een compact, veilig, betrouwbaar en zuinig ontwerp 12 - 17,5 - 24 kV

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Luchtgeïsoleerde schakelinstallaties

  • Altijd uitbreidbaar
  • Minimale hoeveelheid SF6 (LBS)
  • gecompartimenteerd
  • 12 kV – 17,5 kV – 24 kV


Gas geïsoleerde schakelinstallatie

  • RMU
  • Compacte monoblok
  • Optioneel zijdelings uitbreidbaar
  • 12 kV – 17,5 kV – 24 kV – 36 kV


Hybride schakelapparatuur

  • Altijd uitbreidbaar
  • Luchtisolatie + minimale hoeveelheid SF6
  • gecompartimenteerd
  • 12 kV – 17,5 kV – 24 kV 

We excell in co-engineering made to measure solutions

Innovation and environmental care are the driving forces behind our products and company. A lot of our products are developed from co-engineering with clients, supplying solutions that fit their needs and specifications.

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