SGC - SwitchGear Company – the medium voltage specialist

SGC – SwitchGear Company has more than 45 years of experience as a switchgear manufacturer. SGC produces and distributes medium voltage switchgear worldwide. We are a specialist in medium voltage and supply reliable products for electrical distribution.

We are a global mv manufacturer, founded in Belgium and aim to be the premium switchgear supplier in every market that we serve.

That means being the best in terms of operator safety, quality, durability, innovation, technology, delivery and profitability, resulting in long-term customer satisfaction.

What Switchgear Company stands for

Exceptional quality

Our medium voltage products are unrivalled when it comes to safety and quality. We are changemakers and produce products that disrupt the market and raise safety standards. Innovation is always one of the driving forces of our company. It sets us apart from the competition. We produce and develop next generation products with exceptional quality that are durable and surpass the existing standards and product lifespan.

Safety first

Our mission is to manufacture safe and reliable switchgear. At SGC Company, we understand the pressure and possible danger that problems and emergency situations put the operator under. At SGC we put the safety of the operator first, by incorporating multiple safety measures. Our switchgear remains operable so continuïty can be guaranteed.

Customer care

Our sales engineers at Switchgear Company are lightning fast in answering all of your questions and requests.  Our goal is to propose made-to-measure solutions that meet all of your specific needs. Your desired specifications and deadlines are our main concern.


Built to last, it’s Switchgear Company’s main philosophy. We have invested considerable time and energy in research and development to ensure the best possible service to our customers. Usability, safety and environmental care take centre stage when we develop our medium voltage switchgear.


We produce eco friendly and ergonomic solutions, all of which have an exceptional life span. We are proud of the superior longevity of our mv products. Our products combine high-quality components, such as galvanized plates and qualitative earthing switches, with ‘sealed-for-life’ load break switches that prevent leaks even at temperatures above 150°.


In a changing world there is one element that remains unchanged: the promise of SGC to maintain the highest standards in terms of ethics and integrity.

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Switchgear Company: High quality medium voltage switchgear

A special production unit and a highly automated production are the key factors in our “State-of-the-Art” components and systems. It allows us to develop DF-2, DF-3, DW-2, DR-6/DT-6, DI-2 according to the highest quality standards.

Our certifications:

Application on all sections of a power grid.

Our code of conduct

In a permanent changing world there is one element that remained unchanged: the unshakable intention of SGC to maintain the highest standards in terms of ethics and integrity. Through its technology, SGC brings a major contribution to companies and communities. But not only what we are doing, but also the way we are doing it, determines our reputation to our stakeholders and helps us to remain successful. That reputation is worth a lot for SGC. And just like all of our trumps, it has to be developed and protected.

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Visit our showroom and factory virtually.

Take a virtual tour of our facilities and visit our showroom to explore more about our products and our factories where you get a 360° overview of the RMU DR-6 and AIS DF-2 production line.

provides reliable products for electrical distribution applications. We are driven by operator safety and is a worldwide active supplier.