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SwitchGear Company is a manufacturer of equipment for public power distribution.
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Our DR-6 range: HV public distribution approved by Enedis

SGC has developed the DR-6 range of fully insulated 24 kV – 400A switchboards and functional units to meet the most demanding requirements of HV distribution in France. This DR-6 range, is authorized for use by Enedis in accordance with HN 64-S-52 and HN 64-S-43 specifications.

All network configurations are possible thanks to our scalable range.

We are referenced on the CAMAE site ofEnedis for authorized materials.

Plate DR-6

Enedis authorized equipment

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  • Jacques Deborde – Sales engineer
  • Chantal Fine – Sales assistant
  • Amédée Mouton– Sales engineer
  • Rik Vandoorne – Sales engineer

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The DR-6 series has been developed to meet the highest requirements and offers a compact and expandable solution that is safe, reliable and economical, and insensitive to any possible environmental stress.


The DR-6 system is the result of a combination of modern design technologies and efficient, ergonomic and environmentally responsible production processes.

The entire structure of our equipment is made up mainly of recyclable elements.

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Our totally waterproof and environmentally insensitive solution will ensure exceptional continuity of service

The DR-6 has several possible configurations. Possibilities of non-expandable or expandable one-piece panels. But also expandable functional units.



  • Integral insulation
  • Stakeholder safety
  • Evolutive
  • Easy to install and integrate
  • Manual or electric control
  • Reduced losses

Video installation guide

Our HV switchboards are easy to install and integrate and require no maintenance.

Below: Instructions and videos to guide you during your installations.

Installation, operation and maintenance manual

Assembly of functional unit I 2E on panel DR-6 ED 2I + P

Extension manual

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