Medium Voltage Competence Center

The Medium Voltage Competence Center in Landegem was established in 2014 by Deba, a subsidiary of the holding company het Veer. With more than 45 years of in-house experience, we have accumulated tremendous knowledge and expertise in the medium voltage industry.

CEO speaking: “We have created a Medium Voltage Competence Center to completely immerse tomorrow’s technicians, mechanics and installers in the world of medium voltage. On the one hand, there is the museum where we exhibit an evolution of 75 years of medium voltage distribution in Belgium.

On the other hand, there is an extensive showroom where switching can be done on contemporary medium voltage boards. In addition to Belgian-made medium voltage boards and switches from SGC – SwitchGear Company and Mevoco, a wide range of boards and switches from ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric and others will be on display.”


75 years of medium voltage history brought together in a unique museum.


The physical showroom with modern products and techniques in Landegem recently transformed into a virtual showroom. For years, the showroom has been a trusted source of information for visitors, students, engineers, visitors worldwide, engineering enthusiasts, medium voltage enthusiasts.

Meeting rooms for training

There are also 4 meeting rooms (Kirchhoff, Tesla, Faraday, OHM) available for technical training on the topic of electricity, presentations, meetings and videoconferences. We also have fully equipped videoconferencing rooms in Heusden-Zolder (near Lummen cloverleaf) and in Ciney (near Namur).

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Other possibilities

  • Phela room: arc-flame testing
  • Tours for schools
  • Ability to conduct hands-on courses
  • Additional courses for technicians
  • Mobile training CX-2 Power Container
  • A guide to show you the way

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The Medium Voltage Competence Center in pictures

Visit our showroom and factory virtually.

Take a virtual tour of our facilities and visit our showroom to explore more about our products and our factories where you get a 360° overview of the RMU DR-6 and AIS DF-2 production line.

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