Our GIS product line

Gas insulated switchgear AF-6(+) compact substation for outdoor use


Discover the compact AF-6+. A compact substation for outdoor use that meets highest technical quality standards.
12 - 17,5 kV

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Gas-Insulated Switchgear | Medium Voltage | SGC DR6DT6


The DR-6/DT-6 range offers a compact , safe, reliable and economical design, free of any possible environmental aggression. 12 - 17,5 - 24 kV

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Medium voltage switchgear

GIS - Gas Insulated Switchgear

Reliable and safe GIS – gas insulated switchgear solutions – for every need. Switchgear Company provides a complete range of GIS medium voltage switchgear products (gas-insulated switchgear) for all kinds of electrical distribution applications, up to 24 kV. Our gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) for primary and secondary distribution consists of a compact monobloc.

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It is wonderfully compact and can replace obsolete installations and extend existing installations e.g. in city buildings. They are also perfectly suitable for entirely new constructions.

Gas-insulated switchgear are ideal when the available space is limited, flexible combination and reliability of cubicles is required or if economical factors play an important role.

Your advantage

  • Safety of operators guaranteed
  • Reliable cubicles that are easy to operate
  • Durable & environmentally friendly products
  • Compact and economical

Medium voltage switchgear

Switchgear Company is a supplier and manufacturer of gas insulated switchgear. We offer medium voltage switchgear (1 – 24 kV) and offer solutions for primary and secondary distribution for all kinds of applications. User-friendliness, safety and care for the environment are our main drivers when developing SGC’s switchgear.

Switchgear Manufacturing Company SGC - Built to last


Air insulated switchgear

DF-2 - air insulated switchgear installations combines all medium voltage functions
  • Compartmentalized  and extendible
  • Minimal amount of SF6 (LBS)
  • Withdrawable circuit breaker
  • Up to 24 kV


Hybrid switchgear

Air insulated switchgear: DF-3(+) with 3-position load break switch
  • Compartmentalized  and extendible
  • Air insulation + minimal amount of SF6
  • Withdrawable circuit breaker
  • Up to 24 kV

We excell in co-engineering made to measure solutions

Innovation and environmental care are the driving forces behind our products and company. A lot of our products are developed from co-engineering with clients, supplying solutions that fit their needs and specifications.

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provides reliable products for electrical distribution applications. We are driven by operator safety and is a worldwide active supplier.