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A complete line of high quality products, specifically built to withstand the extreme conditions in the mining industry

Switchgear Company is an electrical distribution company. We offer a complete range of reliable medium voltage distribution solutions. We provide our customers with air insulated, gas insulated and even SF6-free gas insulated medium voltage installations.In addition to our other solutions, we also offer a tailor made Mine line. This is an Air Insulated Switchgear specifically applicable to the needs in mining underground. The medium voltage system can withstand harsh climatic conditions, high humidity demand and heat. It has also been tested according to IEC 62271-304 level 2.
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Medium Voltage (MV) Distribution Centers located on or near the coast, in mines, at high altitudes or in other aggressive environments (extremely low or high temperatures, humidity, acidic environment, high altitudes, atmosphere saturated with combustion gases) are exposed to heavy contamination that causes accelerated aging of insulation materials. These conditions affect the insulation level and operation of mechanical components and accelerate gas leakage.

Our standard product called DF-2/DF-2+ (with Arc Killer) is always manufactured in accordance with IEC 61271-304 and IEC 609324. This additional non-mandatory IEC requirement for standard material means strict climate conditions method A level 2. SGC decided to raise its own quality standard and produce all its equipment with this normative certification that offers the customer a higher level of reliability than the rest of the competing products on the world market.

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Switchgear built to withstand severe weather and environmental conditions

Medium Voltage (MV) switchgear Installations at or near seacoasts or other aggressive environments (extreme low or high temperatures, humidity and acid) are exposed to heavy contamination which results in acceleration of ageing of the material. It effects the insulation level, functioning of the mechanical parts or accelerates gas leaks.

As a standard SGC always produces their products according to the IEC 60932 §4 standard. This non obliged IEC additional requirement for standard material means severe climatic conditions method A level 2: (moist heat: cycle of each 4 hours: 30°C humidity 80% and 4 hours 50°C and humidity 95%) Cyclus length: 9 days.

SGC switchgear is used in utility-, hospital-, defense-, mining- and the oil- and gas projects where the energy supply is critical and where downtime is no option. If you have any concerns or doubts about your current or new switchgear installation, SGC is always at your disposal to give you more information.

Premium-line Switchgear built to withstand severe weather and environmental conditions


Air insulated switchgear: DF-2 modular design by SwitchGear Company

State of the art, modular switchgear, built to last according to very high IEC standards.

LV-2 4T

A low voltage switchboard, with a switch of 1600A and 4 fused exits.


A series of special designed 250, 400 and 630 kVA distribution transformers with reduced losses that can operate even in extreme ambient conditions.

  • Due to its flexible production process, SGC can make tailor made products, even in small series.
  • All the DF-2 cubicles are conform to the IEC 62271-200, but with built in features for a 30 years life time, even in extreme ambient conditions.
  • For SGC the after sales service is important. We are engaged to follow the evolutions in the market.
Switchgear Manufacturing Company SGC - Built to last, even in extreme conditions

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