Our SGC Premium Line

DF2(+). Our top of the range, superstar cubicle.

Looking for an absolute “State-of-the-Art” system? The DF2 system is a modular concept based on the building blocks principle, which means that the manufacturing of the cubicles takes place in series. As such, the modular concept DF2 meets the highest technical standards in a rational and economical responsible manner. The combination of cubicles is unlimited. The most complex schemes of distribution and transformation substations can be constructed.

As the switching happens in an SF6 gas medium, the dimensions of our cubicles are very restricted. The semi-compact cubicles are especially interesting when the available space is a problem or is economically a heavy factor. The cubicles contain all functional interlockings so that they will operate properly in line with all applicable standards, in a workroom next to major users. It reduces the power losses to a strict minimum. The cubicles are equipped with a pressure relief, so that the user is always protected against the negative consequences of an internal arc.

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DF-2 - air insulated switchgear installations combines all medium voltage functions

Switchgear built to withstand severe weather and environmental conditions

Medium Voltage (MV) switchgear Installations at or near seacoasts or other aggressive environments (extreme low or high temperatures, humidity and acid) are exposed to heavy contamination which results in acceleration of ageing of the material. It effects the insulation level, functioning of the mechanical parts or accelerates gas leaks.

As a standard SGC always produces their products according to the IEC 60932 §4 standard. This non obliged IEC additional requirement for standard material means severe climatic conditions method A level 2: (moist heat: cycle of each 4 hours: 30°C humidity 80% and 4 hours 50°C and humidity 95%) Cyclus length: 9 days.

SGC switchgear is used in utility-, hospital-, defense-, mining- and the oil- and gas projects where the energy supply is critical and where downtime is no option. If you have any concerns or doubts about your current or new switchgear installation, SGC is always at your disposal to give you more information.

Premium-line Switchgear built to withstand severe weather and environmental conditions

Safety is our speciality

Safety is our primary concern, but SGC-systems are also built to last. The development of complete solutions consists in a minimum of components, which all possess an extraordinary product lifetime. SGC- SwitchGear Company stands for exceptional quality. The factors below ensure the quality and safety of our first-rate DF2 system.

SF6 insulation

For over 30 years SF6 gas has proven to be superior as an insulation and interruption medium in high (HV) and medium-voltage (MV) installations. It is extremely stable.

2 mm galvanized steel plates

DF2 cubicles consist of 2 mm galvanized steel plates. This particular plate size coupled with the design means cubicles are able to withstand internal arcs effortlessly, both in the cable compartment as well as in the busbar compartment. Possible internal arcs are also guaranteed to be restricted to the compartment where they originated.

Prevent leakage currents

It is of great importance that leakage currents are avoided. Leakage current can provoke an internal arc. Therefore, it’s important that the creepage distances between adjacent phases is enlarged without changing the physical distance between the phases and that the build-up of condensation is avoided.

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