Our SGC Compact Line

Switchgear Company is an electricity distribution company. We provide a complete range of reliable medium voltage distribution switchgear solutions. We provide our customers with Air-insulated, Gas-insulated and Hybrid switchgear.

Aside from our Premium Line, we offer a Compact Line. These switchgear cubicles are more compact and are budget-friendly. The DR-6/DT-6 range offers a compact , safe, reliable and economical design, free of any possible environmental aggression. Extensions on site are at any time possible without any special tooling nor particular surrounding conditions. The DR-6/DT-6 system is the result of a combination of modern design technologies and economical, ergonomic and environmentally friendly production processes. The complete cubicle structure, which consists mostly of recyclable components, is constructed out of high-quality galvanized plates. It is resistant to corrosion and has a long life span.

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Modular gas insulated switchgear: The DR-6/DT-6 system

Why compact is the way to go


Safety first will always be important for SGC. We make sure that our products are IP68-approved and have passed several safety tests. The entire design is earthed and made touch-proof. Some products are equipped with an integrated arc-killer, as an extra safety measure.

All the efforts of our engineers are combined in the Compact Line to make it safe and durable, with optimal performance, for when space is limited.


Our Compact Line products can fit in many small spaces. The small dimensions make it possible to use the Compact Line for multiple industries. With its modular design, you have the possibility to make different combinations. The compact design makes it easy to use and it requires minimal maintenance.


A compact design results in a smaller price. It’s one of our most budget friendly solutions. However, you can still count on the same safety and reliability that our other SGC solutions offer. Our products are built to last, which makes it a reliable investment.

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Gas-Insulated Switchgear | Medium Voltage | SGC DR6DT6


The DR-6/DT-6 range offers a compact , safe, reliable and economical design, free of any possible environmental aggression. 12 - 17,5 - 24 kV

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Gas insulated switchgear AF-6(+) compact substation for outdoor use


Discover the compact AF-6+. A compact substation for outdoor use that meets highest technical quality standards.
12 - 17,5 kV

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High-quality and compact air insulated switchgear: DF-3(+)


Our most compact product: the “DF-3”, is a metal-clad and high-quality AIS switchgear solution.
12 - 17,5 - 24 kV

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