Primary distribution

We provide a complete range of reliable medium voltage distribution switchgear solutions for primary electrical distribution, up to 2500 A/24 kV.We provide our customers with Air-insulated, Gas-insulated and Hybrid switchgear solutions.


It’s our most popular product: the “DF-2”, is a metal-clad and high-quality AIS switchgear solution.
12 - 17,5 - 24 kV

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DW-2 is a metal-clad and high-quality AIS switchgear solution that is armored between the compartments as an extra safety measure. 12 kV

Technical info

Discover our switchgear for primary electrical distribution

What is primary distribution?

Electric power distribution is the final phase in the delivery of electric power. Power stations generate electrical power, with voltages up to 100.000 V, which is then transported to the transformer stations and dispersion stations that are located near the customer’s premises.

These primary distribution stations within the power grid distribute medium voltage (+/- 10 kV to +/- 24 kV) to the secondary substations, so a large area or city can be supplied with medium voltage. Switchgear Company’s medium voltage cubicles can be used for primary and secondary distribution purposes.


Air insulated switchgear

  • Always extendible
  • Minimal amount of SF6 (LBS)
  • Switchgear is compartmentalized
  • Withdrawable circuit breaker
  • 12 kV – 17,5 kV –  24 kV


Gas insulated switchgear

  • Ring main unit
  • Gas insulated
  • Compact monobloc
  • Lateral extension is optional
  • 12 kV – 17,5 kV – 24 kV – 36 kV 


Hybrid switchgear

  • Always extendible
  • Air insulation + minimal amount of SF6
  • Switchgear is compartmentalized
  • Withdrawable circuit breaker
  • 12 kV – 17,5 kV – 24 kV 

We excell in co-engineering made to measure solutions

Innovation and environmental care are the driving forces behind our products and company. A lot of our products are developed from co-engineering with clients, supplying solutions that fit their needs and specifications.

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