The new benchmark in switchgear operator safety

SGC nv SwitchGear Company’s patented SV-25 and SV-50 series Arc-killers take safety to a new level.

A built in arc-killer extinguishes an arc in less than 50 ms.

Our patented arc-killer is a system for detecting and extinguishing an internal arc by directing it to a metal earthed short circuit.

  • Protect your cubicles and infrastructure
  • Very high level of operator safety   
  • Very low downtime in case if an incident
  • Less restrictions in the installation room.

Switchgear company excels in manufacturing safe and reliable medium voltage switchgear. Our switchgear solutions can be used within a wide range of primary and secondary applications. Looking for MV switchgear that is durable, easy to operate and has safety features built in? We offer AIS, GIS, SIS and special switchgear products for every need.

Quality switchgear

Safety of the operators is our top priority. Our mv cubicles are extremely durable and made of high-quality materials. We’ve perfected our medium voltage cubicles over the years so that it’s not only safer, it’s also user-friendly. Our mechanical drives are easy to handle and visual feedback is available through a synoptic diagram on the medium voltage cubicle itself. Moreover, each compartment of the switchgear is enclosed to prevent the spread of the internal arc. The medium voltage cubicles of Switchgear Company are certified LSC2A with open doors. Safe to say, if quality is what you are looking for, SGC is the right partner.

Medium Voltage Switchgear with Arc-killer

We take great pride in the introduction of the ARC-killer. It is built to resist internal arcs and protect both the operator and the installation. Our ARC-killers extinguish an arc in 48 milliseconds.

The ARC-killer is an optional feature on the DF-2 and the DR-6. The use of the optional SV-25 & SV-50 arc killer, surpasses the most stringent safety standards. These mv switchgear products are safer than any other on the market.


Air insulated switchgear

DF-2 - air insulated switchgear installations combines all medium voltage functions


Gas insulated switchgear

Modular gas insulated switchgear: The DR-6/DT-6 system

Medium Voltage cubicles

All cubicles designed and produced by Switchgear Company are made of thick copper, which limits energy loss. They are also very flexible in terms of installation. Our modular cubicles such as the DF-2 are built on a modular concept, which allows us to provide “made-to-measure” solutions for all your medium voltage needs.

This results in a lower total cost of ownership.

Additionally, our medium voltage switchgear was designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Are you looking for electrical switchgear for hot areas like Africa, UAE, Australia, South America and more or rather for extremely cold areas like Scandinavia, Canada or others, check out our Premium product line.

Premium-line Switchgear built to withstand severe weather and environmental conditions


Air insulated switchgear

High-quality and compact air insulated switchgear: DF-3(+)
  • Always extendible
  • Minimal amount of SF6 (LBS)
  • Switchgear is compartmentalized
  • Withdrawable circuit breaker
  • 12 kV – 17,5 kV –  24 kV


Gas insulated switchgear

Modular gas insulated switchgear: The DR-6/DT-6 system
  • Ring main unit
  • Gas insulated
  • Compact monobloc
  • Lateral extension is optional
  • 12 kV – 17,5 kV – 24 kV 


Hybrid switchgear

Air insulated switchgear: DF-2 modular design by SwitchGear Company
  • Always extendible
  • Air insulation + minimal amount of SF6
  • Switchgear is compartmentalized
  • Withdrawable circuit breaker
  • 12 kV – 17,5 kV – 24 kV 
provides reliable products for electrical distribution applications. We are driven by operator safety and is a worldwide active supplier.