Delivery of DF-2 station for Moundou in Chad.

Medium Voltage Switchgear Project

For a substation of SNE in Chad, contractor Deba opted for SGC’s DF-2 program. All our products are built to last and meet the highest technical standards. The DF-2 line is specially designed to function properly in exceptional environmental conditions. For example, the metal-enclosed air-insulated medium voltage cubicles can withstand extreme heat. Ideal for the steppe climate of the Sahel region, where temperatures can rise to 50 degrees.

Not only for these reasons, Deba opted for the DF-2 medium voltage switchgear from SGC. But also for the modular concept where the combination of cubicles is unlimited. Very complex diagrams of distribution and transformer switchgear can be compiled through this extensive spectrum of possibilities.

For this project, a medium voltage substation was designed and assembled in collaboration with Deba and CUSTOMIZED to the needs of the end customer SNE (Société Nationale D‘Électricité)

Type of security cubicles?

The cubicles can be equipped with the most diverse and wide-ranging options. The customer chose cubicles of the type DF-D/EDN: protection cubicle with vacuum circuit breaker, block current transformers and equipped with a MICOM relay from General Electric at the request of the client, because they have experience with it. The relay will be programmed here by the end customer according to the selectivity study of the network in Moundou during the FAT study.

Why choose the container solution?

DF-2 medium voltage cubicles pre-tested, installed and wired in a container. A fast, cost-efficient and reliable medium voltage solution. This is the reference project and trendsetter for sustainable substations supported by FIT (Flanders Investment and Trade). We expect similar projects to be required for the expansion of the installed capacity in Chad. In fact, they have an acute shortage of generation capacity out there.

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