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Het Veer, the parent company of SGC, has become the proud winner of the label “Sportbedrijf” of “Sport Vlaanderen”! 🏆

We are delighted to announce that our company has been officially recognised as a sports company and has been awarded the prestigious Sport Vlaanderen label “Sportbedrijf”. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle to our Sailors.

At Het Veer, we believe in the power of sport as a means to connect, inspire and motivate people. Our passionate team “The positive wave crew” strives to create a positive impact by offering high-quality sports facilities, challenging training programmes and inspiring sporting events.

By winning the Sport Vlaanderen label “Sportbedrijf”, we demonstrate that we meet the strictest quality standards and guidelines in the field of sports activities.

We also believe that the health and well-being of our Sailors is a priority. We have worked extremely hard to achieve this goal and it feels great to see that all our efforts have been rewarded. With dedication, teamwork and intransigence, we have proved that we can reach the top and show our passion for sport.

Thank you to all our sporting Sailors who made this possible.

Now that we have achieved the label, we look forward to continuing our efforts and reaching new heights. We will continue to train, innovate and push our limits. Together, we will continue to spread the passion for sport and inspire others to pursue their own sporting goals.