Since we operate in a sector where safety is of exceptional importance, SGC – SwitchGear Company puts a clear focus on strong visual communication and usability in the material. These pillars are also reflected in our own developed manometer.

The manometer of SGC is a device measuring the pressure of the SF6 gas in the cubicle. In case of a loss of pressure the device indicates that it would not be saving to operate the load break switch. Therefore, we choose at SGC to develop a manometer so friendly to use as possible and straightforward to read. This is done through colour codes printed on the manometer. If the needle of the manometer points to the green zone, it is completely safe to operate the switch. If the needle points to the red zone, it is recommended not to switch and to contact SGC. When the cubicle is fitted with an arc-killer, a third colour (yellow) is displayed on the manometer. If this zone is pointed by the needle, the arc-killer entered into force because of an internal fault and the switch should than be replaced.

Our manometer increases the user-friendliness, as – in presence of an arc-killer – there is no longer need to reach manually and directly the contacts to insure if in the case of an internal fault, it has worked or not. The measuring device provides thus a faster and more user-friendly visual error checking. Those are values that SGC is explicitly pursuing.