New project realization for the Shopping Centre in Wijnegem (Belgium)

This is a nice reference project of a new switching station on the medium voltage grid for a shopping centre in Wijnegem.

SGC has supplied several DF-2(+) types of high quality air insulated AIS switchgear.

Commissioned by grid operator in Flanders (Belgium) Fluvius.

The team of SGC – Switchgear Company is very proud to have contributed to the installation of this switching station with our medium voltage products. The switching station will provide the shopping centre of the needed energy. The design and installation of our medium voltage switchgear was done by our partner, Deba, who has more than 40 years of experience with the installation of medium voltage switchgear.

Switchgear, designed and built to last.

  • DF-2 T (1x)
  • DF-2 P (1x)
  • DF-2 D/EDN (9x)
  • DF-2 D/EDN – DK (1x)

One pole scheme MV switching post