Nomination Top Entrepreneur of East Flanders (Strafste Onderneemster van Oost-Vlaanderen)

Our CEO of Het Veer Sophie Vandoorne has been nominated for the title “Strafste Onderneemster van Oost-Vlaanderen” by Made in Oost-Vlaanderen!

Sophie Vandoorne, 46, with 23 years of experience in the family business, has been nominated as East Flanders’ Top Entrepreneur. She is married to Stijn and has two children. Sophie has a background in Communications Management and a passion for travel and photography. She is CEO of Het Veer, a holding company with several companies, including Deba, SGC, Mevoco, and Robby. Her inspiration for entrepreneurship comes from her father, Rik Vandoorne, founder of Deba in 1979. Het Veer with medium voltage as the beating heart of the group, has 14 companies, about 230 employees and a turnover of €53 million. Sophie may owe the nomination to the media appearance of subsidiary SGC, which supplies switchboards for the SKAO project, and the growth the companies have achieved by 2023. She estimates her chances of winning at 1 in 5 and urges readers to vote for her because of her perseverance and success as a woman in the tech world. A fun fact: with your vote for Sophie, you support strong entrepreneurship in 4 Belgian provinces at once. Every day she and her Sailors give the best of themselves not only in East Flanders, but also with V coat in Limburg, Duracoat in the province of Antwerp and CDC – Cabines de Ciney in Namur.

We need YOUR help! We are asking for your support by voting for Sophie. It only takes a moment: click on the link , enter your email address, select “East Flanders” and then choose “Sophie Vandoorne”. Every vote counts and your support means a lot!

An article about Sophie’s work and life experience has also been published, read it here.