Solar photovoltaic power plant with SGC DF-2 equipment commissioned in Bithéa, Abéché, Chad

This is a nice reference project in the Sahel area where SGC has supplied several DF-2(+) types of high quality air insulated AIS switchgear.

The contract was won because of our good references for sustainable products in Chad.

Innovent, through its Chadian subsidiary, built the Abeche solar power plant. The construction site, which started in May 2019, currently consists of 3,600 solar panels, 40 trackers and 10 inverters of 100 kW each, for a capacity of 1 MW. Eventually, the park will consist of 21,600 solar panels for a total capacity of 5 MW. Innovent manages the park with its own staff on site.

The solar power plant consists of polycrystalline panels mounted on trackers, which follow the path of the sun from east to west and will thus increase production by 25% compared to a fixed system.

The energy situation in Chad is tense. According to the World Bank, only 8% of the population has access to electricity.

The objective of the solar park is to reduce the consumption of polluting diesel. This seems to have worked well since the park was commissioned at the end of last year.

The solar photovoltaic plant will allow SNE to cover the electricity needs of the city of Abeche with about 80,000 inhabitants.

We are very proud to contribute with our products to this renewable energy project.

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Switchgear designed to withstand weather and harsh environmental conditions

  • DF-2 A (3x)
  • DF-2 C
  • DF-2 D (2x)
SGC DF-2 switchgear for Solar power plant in Chad

Electrical diagram of the installation

SGC - switchgear electrical diagram