Turnkey cabling with 3D design software

Innovation and care for the environment are the driving forces behind our products and our company. Many of our products are developed based on co-engineering with our customers.

We are happy to take you behind the scenes of how we optimize our production processes continuously. For example, we invested in a Komax cable machine, an automation solution for wire assembly.

Cabling via 3D engineering

Komax cuts, strips and labels each wire.

Production Manager Amédée Mouton: “The Komax is a machine that cuts, strips, crimps and labels electrical wires. Our panel builders receive a custom wire, which saves them on numerous preparatory tasks: cutting wire to size, exposing copper, crimping cable shoes, labeling… A lot less manual work and time savings so that they do not have to look at the plan every time to check to see which wire should be where. This allows our craftsmen to use their knowledge and practical experience for what really counts and think along with the engineers about a design, rather than cutting wires to size.”

Wire confection: the advantages at a glance

  • Faster cabling in the workshop and avoiding errors.
  • Economic just-in-time production from a batch of 1.
  • Wire sorting in the correct order for the follow-up process.
  • Shorter lead times and better quality.

Machine controlled by 3D design software

Yvan Lammens: “The data that the Komax needs comes directly from our electrical CAD software to define the cable lists, lengths of the wires, the connection points,…. Each thread is custom-made and marked with a start and end point. We can provide wires up to 6 mm² with this machine (10 mm² is possible with adjustment). Worldwide there are at most three that offer this.”