DF-2-air insulated switchgear successfully installed in Queensland (Austrialia) by our reseller NHP

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NHP was proud to assist in upgrading the Oxley Creek Sewage Treatment Plant in South East Queensland for flood resilience and optimising operations with a healthy and efficient electrical design.

The Solution: DF-2-air insulated switchgear module with built-in arc quenching system ‘Arc Killer’

The project included decommissioning the original high-voltage switchroom and the 11kV main switchboard for the site, and replacing it with a new main 11kV switchboard contained within a demountable building. The building was also raised 30cm above the 2011 peak flood line levels.

Within the switchroom, NHP specified the DF-2 air-insulated switchgear module with demountable vacuum circuit breakers and a remote operation functionality. Exclusive to NHP switchgear, the cubicles were specifically designed to minimise the consequences of an internal arc and forming a key component of this, is a built-in arc quenching system “arc killer”, which can extinguish an arc in less than 50ms.

“NHP were able to design, supply and install a solution for Queensland Urban Utilities that not only meets local requirements, but delivers an advanced technology which only NHP offers to the market.”

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Products & services

  • Detailed design
  • 11kV switchboard
  • Our SGC DF-2 air insulated switchgear module
  • Built-in arc quenching system ‘Arc Killer’
  • Agile Protection Relays