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AIS - high quality air-insulated medium voltage system: DF2 Blue

We engineer reliable switchgear built on safety and durability

The DF2 Blue is one of our most recent developments. Sustainability and innovation are two of our two main pillars.

Therefore, for several years we have been committed to developing SF6-free products that help to minimize our air pollution.

In addition, it is also a sustainable medium-voltage solution. It is a metal-clad medium-voltage system assembled with high-quality components.

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Modular design

Load break switch with 2 positions

Arc-killer option

A DF-2 medium voltage system is a modular concept based on the “building blocks principle,” which means that the cells are produced in series. As a result, the modular DF-2 concept meets the highest technical standards in a rational and economical way. The combination of cells is unlimited. Because of the many possibilities, very complex diagrams of distribution and transformer stations can be constructed. Our AIS solutions are always expandable, compartmentalized and can handle up to 24 kv.

DF-2 cells and associated air-insulated medium-voltage units offer a wide range of applications and can be used in numerous industries worldwide. DF-2 cells can be used with distribution and dispersion stations, transformer stations and medium voltage motors, wind generators, co-generation, and more.

The DF-2 concept offers a solution for all your needs and requirements: it can replace outdated installations and expand existing ones, and it is also perfectly suited for entirely new constructions. Moreover, it is built to withstand extreme conditions, maximize the life of your switchboard and ensure operator safety.

Modular air-insulated medium voltage plant: DF-2 medium voltage plant

  • Air-insulated medium voltage systems: metal enclosed AIS cells with galvanized steel plates of 2 mm and between compartments 4 mm
  • Modular system - expandable - combination is unlimited
  • High operator safety
  • Circuit in SF6 for switch or vacuum circuit breaker
  • Stand alone cells - high continuity
  • Built to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Can be equipped with a wide range of optional features

Equipped with a rugged two-position load break switch RV-44 (open or closed), sealed for life. Withstands pressures of 800 A and optionally 1250 A (double bar system). DF-2 ‘s modular design allows the creation of rational, economical and customized combinations of medium voltage cells (rated at 12,17 or 24 kV). The position of the load break switch is clearly indicated in the single line diagram. The position can be checked at any time, not only through the summary table, but also through the two inspection windows integrated into the front door of the cells. This type of load break switch has large contacts and can withstand voltage under pressure.

Body arc fastness and safety

The DF-2 is designed to withstand an internal arc of light, both for the operator and the installation. Due to a very sophisticated system of pressure relief, the arc of light is confined to the compartment where it originated and does not propagate to the operator or to other compartments.

A short circuit or other defect can cause an internal arc of light. If a light arc occurs in a classic MS cell, it can cause severe damage to the plant, even causing injury and electrocution to the operator. With built-in arc-killers, SBC aims to protect its users and operators.

DF-2 Cells’ anti-arc kit is specially designed to minimize the effects of an internal arc. As standard, all delivered cells are equipped with downward-facing relief valves at the rear.

In addition, all cells from SGC nv SwitchGear Company are arc-resistant.

The DF-2 cells were tested at KEMA IAC (AFL) for 20 kA/1s, as well as at a rated voltage of 17.5 kV/24kV according to IEC 62271-200, Appendix A and met the 5 criteria.

Discover the ARC killer
Before test - anti-arc kit of DF-2 cubicles is designed to minimize the consequences of an internal arc After test - anti-arc kit of DF-2 cubicles is designed to minimize the consequences of an internal arc


Discover the product that’s right for you. SBC helps you choose the best solution. Our DF-2 series is our most popular product series, and for good reason. Our DF-2 series is specially designed and built to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is applicable in all parts of the world, be it extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures. It is also built to last: all components are robust and of the highest quality. Guaranteed user safety, co-engineering and durable quality are some of the reasons why SGC is a preferred partner.

Want the top of the line with built-in ARC killer? Then go for the DF-2+. The DF-2+ includes the SV-25 arc-killer, a system for detecting and extinguishing an internal arc. The arc-killer extinguishes the arc by diverting it to a metal grounded short circuit. The arc flame is extinguished in less than 50 ms.

A DF-2+ is metal enclosed equipment of the DF-2 type combined with a sleeve at the rear of the cell. That tube captures the gas (in case of an arc flame) that escapes through the drain valves. This allows the expansion of hot gases in a room to be kept to an absolute minimum.

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Technical specifications

Nominale spanningkV1217.524
Bliksemstoot houdspanning 1.2 / 50 μs:
- naar aarde en tussen fasenkV7595125
- over de isolatie-afstandkV85110145
Industriële frequentie houdspanning:
- naar aarde en tussen fasenkV283850
- over de isolatie-afstandkV324560
Nominale frequentieHz50/6050/6050/60
Nominale stroomA800/1250 (*)800/1250 (*)630/800
Nominale korteduurstroom 1skA252520
Nominale piekwaarde van de stroomkA636350
Uitschakelvermogen RV44 (class E3):
- actieve belastingA800/1250 (*)800/1250 (*)630/800
- distributie gesloten lusA800800630/800
- kabel belastingsstroomA181818
- inschakelvermogen of kortsluiting636350
- aardfoutA100100100
- kabel- en lijnbelastingsstroom bij aardfoutA303030
Interne boogvlam 1skA16/20 (**)16/20 (**)16/20 (**)
Mechanische duurzaamheid c/o100010001000
Normen: IEC 62271-100, IEC 62271-1, 62271-102, -103, -105, 62271-200 and IEC 61243-5
Testrapport: KEMA/IPH

(*) Conforms to IEC 62271-103, class E1 / (**) Arc-killer option

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Our DF-2 medium voltage cells can be used in several configurations

Modular air insulated switchgear: DF-2 cubicles can be used in a wide range of configurations


Arrival cell or cable field with load break switch RV44 and locked ground blade


Protection cell or transformer field with load break switch/fuse combination


Measuring cell


Cable cell and/or busbar sleeve

Discover more and other configurations

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Air insulated switchgear

High-quality and compact air insulated switchgear: DF-3(+)
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  • Minimal amount of SF6 (LBS)
  • Switchgear is compartmentalized
  • Withdrawable circuit breaker
  • 12 kV – 17,5 kV –  24 kV


Gas insulated switchgear

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Hybrid switchgear

Air insulated switchgear: DF-2 modular design by SwitchGear Company
  • Always extendible
  • Air insulation + minimal amount of SF6
  • Switchgear is compartmentalized
  • Withdrawable circuit breaker
  • 12 kV – 17,5 kV – 24 kV 

We excell in co-engineering made to measure solutions

Innovation and care for the environment are the driving forces behind our products and our company. A lot of our products are developed from co-engineering with clients, supplying solutions that fit their needs and specifications.

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