After movie Hannover Messe 2024


After movie Hannover Messe 2024

We know you’ve been waiting for the after movie… WELL, HERE IT IS!

The SGC team would like to thank everyone for visiting us at the HANNOVER MESSE 2024 and we hope you were as enthusiastic about the exhibition as we were! It was a pleasure to welcome you to our stand in Hall 12 – E60. With more than 4,000 exhibitors from different countries and 130,000 visitors from 150 countries, Hannover Messe was a true meeting place for innovation and technology this year!
See you next year

SGC at Hannover Messe for the 22nd time


SGC at Hannover Messe for the 22nd time

It’s time to switch now to a sustainable future!

Come visit us

Come visit us at HANNOVER MESSE 2024 from 22-26 April! We happily present our new sustainable ‘Blue Line’ and other innovative solutions at hall 12 – booth E60. We are a Belgian manufacturer and worldwide distributor of medium voltage switchgear (1 -24 kV). With a history of more than 45 years, SGC – Switchgear Company supplies reliable products for all your electrical distribution applications.


Register for free with code Gyr4v: & drop by for a personal electrifying chat and learn how our products can transform YOUR business. See you then?

Interesting fact: we have been participating in the Hannover Messe since 2001! SAY WATT!

Successful fair

We are excited to announce the success of our 22nd participation at Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial trade fair. Drawing over 200,000 visitors from 70 different countries, this year’s event was truly exceptional.

At SGC, we unveiled our latest innovation, the “Blue Line”, featuring SF-6 gas-free products. This technology represents a significant advancement in sustainability and efficiency in industrial processes.

Our presence at Hannover Messe allowed us to showcase the dedication behind our products to a global audience. We engaged with industry leaders, experts, and potential partners, fostering valuable connections and collaborations.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and contributed to making this year’s Hannover Messe a resounding success. We look forward to continuing our commitment to innovation and excellence in the years to come.

Nomination Top Entrepreneur of East Flanders


Nomination Top Entrepreneur of East Flanders (Strafste Onderneemster van Oost-Vlaanderen)

Our CEO of Het Veer Sophie Vandoorne has been nominated for the title “Strafste Onderneemster van Oost-Vlaanderen” by Made in Oost-Vlaanderen!

Sophie Vandoorne, 46, with 23 years of experience in the family business, has been nominated as East Flanders’ Top Entrepreneur. She is married to Stijn and has two children. Sophie has a background in Communications Management and a passion for travel and photography. She is CEO of Het Veer, a holding company with several companies, including Deba, SGC, Mevoco, and Robby. Her inspiration for entrepreneurship comes from her father, Rik Vandoorne, founder of Deba in 1979. Het Veer with medium voltage as the beating heart of the group, has 14 companies, about 230 employees and a turnover of €53 million. Sophie may owe the nomination to the media appearance of subsidiary SGC, which supplies switchboards for the SKAO project, and the growth the companies have achieved by 2023. She estimates her chances of winning at 1 in 5 and urges readers to vote for her because of her perseverance and success as a woman in the tech world. A fun fact: with your vote for Sophie, you support strong entrepreneurship in 4 Belgian provinces at once. Every day she and her Sailors give the best of themselves not only in East Flanders, but also with V coat in Limburg, Duracoat in the province of Antwerp and CDC – Cabines de Ciney in Namur.

We need YOUR help! We are asking for your support by voting for Sophie. It only takes a moment: click on the link , enter your email address, select “East Flanders” and then choose “Sophie Vandoorne”. Every vote counts and your support means a lot!

An article about Sophie’s work and life experience has also been published, read it here.

How can you protect yourself from electric arcs?


How can you protect yourself from electric arcs?

A few weeks ago, Linda Claeys – Editor ElectroVision at Nelectra, visited us. She wanted to find out more about electric arcs. Of course, she could count on the expertise in our team of Frederik Delobelle and Andy Lava.

Our team explained exactly what electric arcs are, what the dangers are and some real life examples. We also gave our solution in our medium voltage cubicles: the arc killer. The arc killer is a device that prevents or stops electric arcs. It detects and suppresses electric arcs fast within 48 milliseconds, which is 8x faster than blinking your eyes.

Read the full article here.

Visit by Philippine ambassador and consul


Visit by Philippine ambassador and consul

What a special day! We were honored to host Mr. JAIME VICTOR LEDDA from the Embassy of the Philippines and Mr. Ronny R.G. De Blaere from the Philippine Consulate.

With a diverse team comprising many talented Filipinos, we take pride in our commitment to fostering inclusivity within our company.

During their visit, the Consul and Ambassador were given a tour of our company, where we exchanged insights, including discussions on Philippine customs and habits. It was an inspiring day full of interesting conversations.

Thanks to Mr. Jaime Victor Leddar and Mr. Ronny De Blaere for their visit!

SGC - SwitchGear Company at SEPEM Industries


SGC - SwitchGear Company at SEPEM Industries

For the first time, we participated in the SEPEM Industries fair in Rouen. It is an important industrial fair where different companies come together to showcase their product or service.

We had our DR-6 Enedis cubicles with us, but we also explained our full range of medium voltage solutions.

This year we will attend 3 more SEPEM Industries fairs, namely in Colmar from 4-6 June, in Toulouse from 24-26 September and finally from 19-21 November in Grenoble.

See you there?

For more info, get in touch:

Quietest cubicles for the quietest zone


SGC - SwitchGear Company all over the world

SGC -SwitchGear Company, a family-owned company and leading specialist in medium-voltage switchgear, is proud to announce that it has been allowed to collaborate as a medium voltage switchgear supplier on the SKAO project through our Australian partner NHP. SKAO is building the largest and most capable radio telescopes on behalf of the international community. The telescopes are being built in Australia and South Africa

Picture Copyright SKAO 2023

SGC is an innovative company focusing on sustainable medium voltage solutions. As the only Belgian manufacturer of medium voltage switchgear, we stand for high quality, durability and operator safety. Our tailor-made solutions are applied in various projects worldwide.

Part of the family group Het Veer, a holding company with several companies, SGC was demerged in 2010 from Deba which was founded by Rik Vandoorne in 1979. With more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing medium voltage equipment ranging from 3 kV to 36 kV, we have built a proven track record. Our production, located in Landegem, Belgium, features a specialised manufacturing unit and advanced, highly automated production lines. These form the core of our “state-of-the-art” components and systems, enabling us to develop products such as DF-2, DR-6/DT-6, DF-3 and DW-2 to the highest quality standards.

With an annual turnover of 10 million euros and a team of 30 dedicated employees, we continue to strive for excellence at every stage of our production process. Our commitment to innovation and quality positions SGC as a reliable partner for sustainable medium voltage solutions worldwide.


With our partner NHP, we also cater to the needs of customers in Australia and New Zealand.

NHP is a company with more than 55 years of experience in the electrical and engineering industry, with more than 20 branches in Australia and New Zealand. They understand the specific needs of their clients’ projects, regardless of their size, thanks to their local presence and commitment. By choosing NHP, you gain access to a wealth of expertise in electrical and automation products, systems and solutions.

Although they have more than 20,000 product lines on the market, they are more than just a supplier of products. Together with their extensive network of global partners, they offer choice in products, technology, service and support, as well as choice in how you interact with them, whether in person or online, when and where you need it. NHP achieves annual revenues of $550 million Australian dollars, supported by a team of 800 dedicated professionals who work hard every day. The commitment to lasting customer relationships is evident in our successful and decades-long partnership with NHP.

The SKA-Low telescope project

The SKAO is an advanced Big Data facility in radio astronomy that brings together countries worldwide. Its goal is to build and use advanced radio telescopes to transform our understanding of the universe. With headquarters in the UK and telescopes in South Africa and Australia, SKAO will become a leading research infrastructure for radio astronomy. Global collaboration and innovation will provide scientific opportunities for the international astronomical community, making SKAO a key player in advancing knowledge about the universe for decades to come.

Construction of telescopes on site began in December 2022 in Australia and South Africa. The SKA-Low telescope, on Wajarri Country in Western Australia, will comprise more than 131,000 two-metre-tall antennas detecting low frequency radio signals, and the SKA-Mid telescope, being built in the Karoo in South Africa, will comprise almost 200 dish-shaped antennas picking up higher frequency radio signals.

The SKA telescopes will be built, maintained and operated on behalf of the global community, and will look back in time billions of years to solve many mysteries of the Universe. The project includes the construction of two powerful supercomputers and is expected to be completed in 2028, with a total cost estimate of €1.3 billion.

Picture Copyright SGC
Picture Copyright SGC

Sustainability “Built to last”

The medium-voltage panels that will be installed in Australia are of the DF-2 type and are manufactured with a strong focus on sustainability. This product range is specifically designed to operate long-term and efficiently, which is crucial for a project of this size. The decision to partner with SGC highlights the SKAO project’s commitment to an environmentally friendly and future-proof approach.

One unique requirement of the SKA-Low telescope is for all installed electrical equipment to produce very low levels of electro-magnetic noise emissions. The advanced design and robust construction of the DF-2 range produces very low electrical partial discharge levels making them ideal for use within the SKA-Low telescope facility site. It can often get very hot in the outback, but our DF-2 switchgear can be exposed to high temperatures and withstand extreme weather conditions.

Longevity is an important feature for us. Our standard DF-2 line is produced according to the IEC 60932 §4 standard. This non-mandatory, additional requirement of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for standard material covers intensive climatic conditions according to method A level 2. This includes a cycle every 4 hours, where conditions vary between 30°C with 80% humidity and 50°C with 95% humidity. The total duration of this cycle is 9 days. Hence our well-known motto “built to last”.

Arc Killer for safety

Safety is paramount. The equipment will have an Arc Killer option, which not only protects the plant itself, but also ensures operator safety. Our Arc Killer is a device that prevents or stops electrical arcing. These sparks, which can occur when switching power, can cause fire and damage. The Arc Killer quickly detects and suppresses lightning within 48 milliseconds, which is 8x faster than the blink of an eye. Our electric arc reduces risks, protects electrical systems and thus contributes to a safe working environment, which is crucial for this project.

SGC and NHP: reliable partners for the SKAO project.

SGC is delighted to play a crucial role in the SKAO project. By providing reliable and sustainable energy, we support the scientific community in gaining insights that will further enhance our knowledge of the universe.

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More info about SKAO project.

More info about our partner NHP.

Picture Copyright VRT
Picture Copyright HLN

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays!

Let’s switch to an electrifying 2024!

SGC will be on vacation from 25 December until 1 January. Looking forward to reconnecting in 2024… Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year!

SGC - SwitchGear Company exposed at the EnerGaïa Forum


SGC - SwitchGear Company exposed at the EnerGaïa Forum

A successful exhibition for our team.

At the sustainable fair enerGaïa, we were also present with our medium voltage solutions  according HN 64-S-52 and HN 64-S-43 specifications.

We exposed our sustainable DR-6 Enedis range. This equipment meets the most demanding HV distribution requirements in France. The DR-6 is approved for use by Enedis.

✅24 kV – 400A
✅Ultra compact
✅Built to last
✅Full insulation
✅Safety first for the operator
✅Easy to install and integrate
✅Manual or electric operation
✅Fewer losses

See you next year?

SwitchGear Company - SGC at the IIEE exhibition in the Philippines


SwitchGear Company - SGC at the IIEE exhibition in the Philippines

Our team attended the IIEE exhibition in the Philippines. We had many visitors and were able to make interesting contacts.

We were also able to present our medium voltage solutions and Kuan Heng Lim(George) from PTS (APAC) PRIVATE LIMITED in Singapore visited us at our booth.

Our team was happy to see so many familiar faces, but also new faces.

A successful exhibition!