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SGC -SwitchGear Company, a family-owned company and leading specialist in medium-voltage switchgear, is proud to announce that it has been allowed to collaborate as a medium voltage switchgear supplier on the SKAO project through our Australian partner NHP. SKAO is building the largest and most capable radio telescopes on behalf of the international community. The telescopes are being built in Australia and South Africa

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SGC is an innovative company focusing on sustainable medium voltage solutions. As the only Belgian manufacturer of medium voltage switchgear, we stand for high quality, durability and operator safety. Our tailor-made solutions are applied in various projects worldwide.

Part of the family group Het Veer, a holding company with several companies, SGC was demerged in 2010 from Deba which was founded by Rik Vandoorne in 1979. With more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing medium voltage equipment ranging from 3 kV to 36 kV, we have built a proven track record. Our production, located in Landegem, Belgium, features a specialised manufacturing unit and advanced, highly automated production lines. These form the core of our “state-of-the-art” components and systems, enabling us to develop products such as DF-2, DR-6/DT-6, DF-3 and DW-2 to the highest quality standards.

With an annual turnover of 10 million euros and a team of 30 dedicated employees, we continue to strive for excellence at every stage of our production process. Our commitment to innovation and quality positions SGC as a reliable partner for sustainable medium voltage solutions worldwide.


With our partner NHP, we also cater to the needs of customers in Australia and New Zealand.

NHP is a company with more than 55 years of experience in the electrical and engineering industry, with more than 20 branches in Australia and New Zealand. They understand the specific needs of their clients’ projects, regardless of their size, thanks to their local presence and commitment. By choosing NHP, you gain access to a wealth of expertise in electrical and automation products, systems and solutions.

Although they have more than 20,000 product lines on the market, they are more than just a supplier of products. Together with their extensive network of global partners, they offer choice in products, technology, service and support, as well as choice in how you interact with them, whether in person or online, when and where you need it. NHP achieves annual revenues of $550 million Australian dollars, supported by a team of 800 dedicated professionals who work hard every day. The commitment to lasting customer relationships is evident in our successful and decades-long partnership with NHP.

The SKA-Low telescope project

The SKAO is an advanced Big Data facility in radio astronomy that brings together countries worldwide. Its goal is to build and use advanced radio telescopes to transform our understanding of the universe. With headquarters in the UK and telescopes in South Africa and Australia, SKAO will become a leading research infrastructure for radio astronomy. Global collaboration and innovation will provide scientific opportunities for the international astronomical community, making SKAO a key player in advancing knowledge about the universe for decades to come.

Construction of telescopes on site began in December 2022 in Australia and South Africa. The SKA-Low telescope, on Wajarri Country in Western Australia, will comprise more than 131,000 two-metre-tall antennas detecting low frequency radio signals, and the SKA-Mid telescope, being built in the Karoo in South Africa, will comprise almost 200 dish-shaped antennas picking up higher frequency radio signals.

The SKA telescopes will be built, maintained and operated on behalf of the global community, and will look back in time billions of years to solve many mysteries of the Universe. The project includes the construction of two powerful supercomputers and is expected to be completed in 2028, with a total cost estimate of €1.3 billion.

Picture Copyright SGC
Picture Copyright SGC

Sustainability “Built to last”

The medium-voltage panels that will be installed in Australia are of the DF-2 type and are manufactured with a strong focus on sustainability. This product range is specifically designed to operate long-term and efficiently, which is crucial for a project of this size. The decision to partner with SGC highlights the SKAO project’s commitment to an environmentally friendly and future-proof approach.

One unique requirement of the SKA-Low telescope is for all installed electrical equipment to produce very low levels of electro-magnetic noise emissions. The advanced design and robust construction of the DF-2 range produces very low electrical partial discharge levels making them ideal for use within the SKA-Low telescope facility site. It can often get very hot in the outback, but our DF-2 switchgear can be exposed to high temperatures and withstand extreme weather conditions.

Longevity is an important feature for us. Our standard DF-2 line is produced according to the IEC 60932 §4 standard. This non-mandatory, additional requirement of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for standard material covers intensive climatic conditions according to method A level 2. This includes a cycle every 4 hours, where conditions vary between 30°C with 80% humidity and 50°C with 95% humidity. The total duration of this cycle is 9 days. Hence our well-known motto “built to last”.

Arc Killer for safety

Safety is paramount. The equipment will have an Arc Killer option, which not only protects the plant itself, but also ensures operator safety. Our Arc Killer is a device that prevents or stops electrical arcing. These sparks, which can occur when switching power, can cause fire and damage. The Arc Killer quickly detects and suppresses lightning within 48 milliseconds, which is 8x faster than the blink of an eye. Our electric arc reduces risks, protects electrical systems and thus contributes to a safe working environment, which is crucial for this project.

SGC and NHP: reliable partners for the SKAO project.

SGC is delighted to play a crucial role in the SKAO project. By providing reliable and sustainable energy, we support the scientific community in gaining insights that will further enhance our knowledge of the universe.

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New realization for Sibelga


SGC - SwitchGear Company all over the world

New realization for Sibelga!

They visited us to conduct the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for our DF-2 cubicles before it will be installed on site by our partner Deba. They will manage and install everything within two weeks to ensure the delivery of the project.

The station, called P.R. Ropsy Ecole, will be equipped with Air Insulated Switchgear cubicles of our Premium Line DF-2 (built to last, 17,5 kV, 800A). This system allows us to provide “made-to-measure” solutions for all your medium voltage needs.

Sibelga provided us with the technical plan itself and we took care of its elaboration. The technical drawing can be found below.

Proud of the collaboration with Sibelga.

Discover Our Remarkable AF-6+ Substation: Ensuring Safety, Functionality, and Efficiency


SGC - SwitchGear Company all over the world

We are excited to showcase our remarkable installation, AF-6(GIS), located in the beautiful commune of Fléron, in the heart of Liège. Nestled at Rue Chapelle à la Lice, our AF-6+ substation, known as Chappelle, stands as a testament to our commitment to safety, functionality, and innovative design.

AF-6+ is our most compact outdoor substation, meticulously designed to meet the evolving needs of modern infrastructure. With its robust and compact design, this substation offers exceptional performance without compromising on safety. The incorporation of an Arc-Killer underscores our unwavering focus on protecting personnel and equipment from potential arc flash incidents.

At SGC, we prioritize the well-being of our clients and their operations. The AF-6+ substation is a testament to this dedication, ensuring that your medium voltage requirements are met with the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Whether you require power distribution for commercial buildings, industrial facilities, or infrastructure projects, AF-6+ is the ideal solution.

We invite you to witness the excellence of our installations firsthand. If you have encountered any of our remarkable installations during your travels, we would love to hear from you. Share your experiences with us at info@switchgearcompany.eu, and let us know how our installations have made a difference.

SGC - SwitchGear Company all over the world - PART 2


SGC - SwitchGear Company all over the world

A few weeks ago we got a visit from Mr. Wynand from Powers Engineering. He was here to do the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) on behalf of our customer.

The tested cubicles are our most popular product: the “DF-2”. It is a metal-enclosed and high-quality AIS switchgear solution. A modular concept that combines all medium voltage functions. It allows us to provide “made-to-measure” solutions.

The DF-2 cubicles are now ready for take-off to South Africa!

Thank you to the entire SGC team for the realization of this amazing project!

Watch the full video here.

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SGC - SwitchGear Company all over the world


SGC - SwitchGear Company all over the world

As part of our project for the mines in Peru, we received a visit from our customer last week. Their Technical Project Manager from Argentina, Ariel Malanot of GW, was also present.

They were here to test the cubicles that will soon be shipped to Peru.

The cubicles are a customized version of our DF-2 AIS series, called “Mine line”. The Mine line is specifically made for application in the mines underground. The medium voltage switchgear can withstand harsh climatic conditions, high humidity demand and heat. It has also been tested according to IEC 62271-304 level 2.

Thank you to the entire SGC team for the realization of this amazing project!

Watch the full video here.

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Proud of this project for Hauts-Fourneaux B in Ougrée (Seraing, Belgium)


Proud of this project for Hauts-Fourneaux B in Ougrée (Seraing, Belgium)

RESA, the distribution system operator of electricity in the province of Liège, has built a new divisional cabin 15 & 6kV, Commissioned by TENCHASEM.

The divisional cabin will make it possible to supply the important customer and improve the supply of part of the municipality of Seraing. RESA laid 13,500 m of cable, modified an existing building (the former substation supplying Hauts-Fourneaux B in Ougrée) and equipped it with 38 Air Insulated Switchgear cubicles of our Premium Line DF-2.

Thank you to the entire SGC team for the realization of this amazing project!

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Switching Station SGC

New project realization for the Shopping Centre in Wijnegem (Belgium)


New project realization for the Shopping Centre in Wijnegem (Belgium)

This is a nice reference project of a new switching station on the medium voltage grid for a shopping centre in Wijnegem.

SGC has supplied several DF-2(+) types of high quality air insulated AIS switchgear.

Commissioned by grid operator in Flanders (Belgium) Fluvius.

The team of SGC – Switchgear Company is very proud to have contributed to the installation of this switching station with our medium voltage products. The switching station will provide the shopping centre of the needed energy. The design and installation of our medium voltage switchgear was done by our partner, Deba, who has more than 40 years of experience with the installation of medium voltage switchgear.

Switchgear, designed and built to last.

  • DF-2 T (1x)
  • DF-2 P (1x)
  • DF-2 D/EDN (9x)
  • DF-2 D/EDN – DK (1x)

One pole scheme MV switching post

Solar power plant with SGC DF-2 switchgear in Chad

Solar photovoltaic power plant with SGC DF-2 equipment commissioned in Bithéa, Abéché, Chad


Solar photovoltaic power plant with SGC DF-2 equipment commissioned in Bithéa, Abéché, Chad

This is a nice reference project in the Sahel area where SGC has supplied several DF-2(+) types of high quality air insulated AIS switchgear.

The contract was won because of our good references for sustainable products in Chad.

Innovent, through its Chadian subsidiary, built the Abeche solar power plant. The construction site, which started in May 2019, currently consists of 3,600 solar panels, 40 trackers and 10 inverters of 100 kW each, for a capacity of 1 MW. Eventually, the park will consist of 21,600 solar panels for a total capacity of 5 MW. Innovent manages the park with its own staff on site.

The solar power plant consists of polycrystalline panels mounted on trackers, which follow the path of the sun from east to west and will thus increase production by 25% compared to a fixed system.

The energy situation in Chad is tense. According to the World Bank, only 8% of the population has access to electricity.

The objective of the solar park is to reduce the consumption of polluting diesel. This seems to have worked well since the park was commissioned at the end of last year.

The solar photovoltaic plant will allow SNE to cover the electricity needs of the city of Abeche with about 80,000 inhabitants.

We are very proud to contribute with our products to this renewable energy project.

Check our Sahel Line

Switchgear designed to withstand weather and harsh environmental conditions

  • DF-2 A (3x)
  • DF-2 C
  • DF-2 D (2x)

SGC DF-2 switchgear for Solar power plant in Chad

Electrical diagram of the installation

SGC - switchgear electrical diagram

SGC DF-2 switchgear installation by NHP Australia

DF-2-air insulated switchgear successfully installed in Queensland by reseller NHP


DF-2-air insulated switchgear successfully installed in Queensland (Austrialia) by our reseller NHP

Check out the case study from our reseller NHP

NHP was proud to assist in upgrading the Oxley Creek Sewage Treatment Plant in South East Queensland for flood resilience and optimising operations with a healthy and efficient electrical design.

The Solution: DF-2-air insulated switchgear module with built-in arc quenching system ‘Arc Killer’

The project included decommissioning the original high-voltage switchroom and the 11kV main switchboard for the site, and replacing it with a new main 11kV switchboard contained within a demountable building. The building was also raised 30cm above the 2011 peak flood line levels.

Within the switchroom, NHP specified the DF-2 air-insulated switchgear module with demountable vacuum circuit breakers and a remote operation functionality. Exclusive to NHP switchgear, the cubicles were specifically designed to minimise the consequences of an internal arc and forming a key component of this, is a built-in arc quenching system “arc killer”, which can extinguish an arc in less than 50ms.

“NHP were able to design, supply and install a solution for Queensland Urban Utilities that not only meets local requirements, but delivers an advanced technology which only NHP offers to the market.”

Download the full Case Study

Products & services

  • Detailed design
  • 11kV switchboard
  • Our SGC DF-2 air insulated switchgear module
  • Built-in arc quenching system ‘Arc Killer’
  • Agile Protection Relays

Delivery of DF-2 medium voltage switchgear station for Moundou in Chad Africa

Delivery of DF-2 station for Moundou in Chad.


Delivery of DF-2 station for Moundou in Chad.

Medium Voltage Switchgear Project

For a substation of SNE in Chad, contractor Deba opted for SGC’s DF-2 program. All our products are built to last and meet the highest technical standards. The DF-2 line is specially designed to function properly in exceptional environmental conditions. For example, the metal-enclosed air-insulated medium voltage cubicles can withstand extreme heat. Ideal for the steppe climate of the Sahel region, where temperatures can rise to 50 degrees.

Not only for these reasons, Deba opted for the DF-2 medium voltage switchgear from SGC. But also for the modular concept where the combination of cubicles is unlimited. Very complex diagrams of distribution and transformer switchgear can be compiled through this extensive spectrum of possibilities.

For this project, a medium voltage substation was designed and assembled in collaboration with Deba and CUSTOMIZED to the needs of the end customer SNE (Société Nationale D‘Électricité)

Type of security cubicles?

The cubicles can be equipped with the most diverse and wide-ranging options. The customer chose cubicles of the type DF-D/EDN: protection cubicle with vacuum circuit breaker, block current transformers and equipped with a MICOM relay from General Electric at the request of the client, because they have experience with it. The relay will be programmed here by the end customer according to the selectivity study of the network in Moundou during the FAT study.

Why choose the container solution?

DF-2 medium voltage cubicles pre-tested, installed and wired in a container. A fast, cost-efficient and reliable medium voltage solution. This is the reference project and trendsetter for sustainable substations supported by FIT (Flanders Investment and Trade). We expect similar projects to be required for the expansion of the installed capacity in Chad. In fact, they have an acute shortage of generation capacity out there.

Are you also looking for built to last medium voltage switchgear? At SGC you are at the right place!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your project. We will be happy to discuss it.